Remote Hands

The Remote hands service provides qualified technicians to cater to routine checks and troubleshoot performance issues for customer infrastructure. This value-added offering is available 24x7x365 and ensures that dedicated and qualified engineers are always available to act as eyes and hands to perform various maintenance support services on behalf of customers who cannot physically visit the data center.

Remote hands services range from basic tasks such as on demand visual inspection and to scheduled tasks such as racking, stacking and onboarding.


Work Area

We provide alternate work environments for authorized customer personnel who require direct access to their hosted infrastructure. Our work environment is also used in the event of a disaster or other business disruption which requires direct access to hosted servers or the provisioning of alternative workspace due to inaccessibility of a customer’s primary work location. MDXi’s work area enables productivity in the face of disruption and helps maintain continuous business operations.


Secure Storage

Customers with storage requirements are provided with private storage enclosures secured with the latest electronic access control technology. Equipment shipments can be received on behalf of customers and stored according to received instructions.